September 2016 Council report


Enjoying a fire rescue demonstration at the Acton Fire Station open day

While most of the media attention is focused on the current leadership election, we mustn’t forget the more important task of fighting for our communities and standing up to the Tory government.

I was particularly impressed in recent weeks with our Council leader Julian Bell visiting the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, as part of an LGA delegation highlighting broken Tory promises on helping the ‘Dubs children’. These are children that, after a campaign by Labour peer Lord Dubs, the government promised to bring over the channel and unite with family already here. Very little has been done – and we as a Council are keen to do our part as soon as the government gives us a chance.

A Labour government would never make these vulnerable children wait a moment longer than necessary.

Council business

After a quiet summer, Council business is starting to get back to normal.

The final report from the Scrutiny committee on Child Sexual Exploitation of which I was vice-Chair is going before Cabinet, to consider our recommendations. As we discovered a lot of good work, these are light-touch but highlight the importance of continuing to work hard to discover, disrupt and prosecute CSE across Ealing, and work with partners both within and outside the borough as perpetrators (and victims) move around.

Our Children’s Services were recently inspected by Ofsted – you can read the full report here. All aspects were rated as at least Good, with our services for care leavers judged to be Outstanding. There are of course improvements to be made and an action plan is being drawn up to address these.

The first quarter performance indicators have been published, and we continue to do well at meeting important local objectives. Although not included in this tranche of statistics, it’s worth noting that we’ve seen another huge year-on-year increase in recycling rates in the second full month of the new waste arrangements.

South Acton news

The new Acton-wide 20mph speed limit has come into force, applying to all roads east of Hanger Lane except the A40. It’s a year-long trial and we’ll be measuring speeds and road casualties to help us decide whether to roll this out to the whole borough. Where this has been tried else where average speeds have dipped even without enforcement, as most drivers adjust to the new limit. This of course reduces the severity of any collisions – we all know that injuries are much less severe at 20mph than 30mph.

Officers are continuing to work through the flytipping issues and our new enforcement team are collecting lots of evidence to issue identified culprits with fines of up to £400. It’s a real shame that some residents don’t share our sense of neighbourhood pride and continue to litter – costing the rest of us money and resources that could be better invested elsewhere.

New FAQ documents have been produced for residents on the South Acton estate, clearing up some of the questions people have about the regeneration. These are available here but do bear in mind that everyone’s situation is unique, and for specific advice residents should get in touch with one of us or with Keith Mann, our independent residents’ advisor.

As ever, do get in touch with myself, Yvonne or Mik if you have any questions, problems or just want to chat!

With best wishes,
Josh, Yvonne and Mik


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